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In the UK we've had quite a bit of snow recently (by our standards, anyway)...
Can you see past the sequinned nipple tassels?
A number of people are ruffling a few feathers with their recession-busting measures...
Changing the fabric of fashionable society...
Can kaos work in a time of chaos...
Set to be huge during AW10...
One of this season's hottest looks...
A sneak peek at the AW10 collection

My Favourite Fashion Discovery

Everybody has one. The cringe-worthy story told by a friend or relative that you just know will crop up in a speech on your wedding day or a milestone birthday...
My Favourite Fashion Discovery

Republic AW10 collection - An In-Depth Preview

This month sees the launch of Republic’s autumn/winter range which is designed to be mixed, matched and loved. The overarching theme is opulence with edge; outfits dripping with embellishments, draped with lace, and accented with faux-fur and feathers.
Republic AW10 collection - An In-Depth Preview

Fashion Gets Personal

Made to measure, commissioned pieces have rarely been within the grasp of those of us who have had to make do with hovering around the outside of the fashion press, but recently, t-shirt manufacturers have been introducing a different kind of unique and affordable personalisation.
Fashion Gets Personal

Republic Sneak Peek

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to view Republic's autumn/winter collection. As a little teaser, here are a few exclusive behind the scenes photos I grabbed whilst watching the shoot take shape...
Republic Sneak Peek

Panic Attacks

It’s been a stressful day at work and you are standing on a crowded tube, going through the motions of your daily commute home. The lights flicker, the carriage rattles through a tunnel and suddenly you feel like you

are about to die.
Keep Calm

Britney Challenge

I was struggling with a bit of writer's block one day, when my friend Ryan challenged me to come up with 500-1000 words on Miss Spears in 45mins as a way of getting the words to come out.
Britney Spears

North London in the snow

In the UK, we've had quite a bit of snow recently (by our standards anyway). This afternoon, I made my way to the local park and took a few photos of the snow, sledges and stunning skies.
Snowy scenes

Is green the new black

In recent years, the global green initiative has exploded. An increased awareness of how our lives impact the environment on a day-to-day basis has lead to a multitude of sectors attempting to boost their eco-credentials by branching out and developing new business strands or goods deemed more ‘earth friendly’.
Ethical fashion

Management in Kaos

To boost employment in the sector and prevent a repeat of the latest recession, is it time for a new kind of management strategy to be brought to the fore; for kaos to reign in a time of chaos?

Trend Spotting

Candy colours and pretty pastels may be dominating SS10, but forward-thinking fashionistas take note: prepare your wardrobe for AW10 by indulging in chocolate box chic.

Summer Style

Sleek, sumptuous and sophisticated; this season, sportswear has emerged from the back of the gym locker having been given a luxurious makeover.

POP Princess

In the promotional blitz for her seventh studio album, the last cover I expected to see Britney Spears gracing was that of bi-annual style magazine POP...
POP Princess


18:42 Reporter: Alison 0 Responses
Yes, I finally got round to setting up a tumblr. I hope to post little bits and pieces that I come across that don't warrant a lengthy blog post, as well as things that catch my eye and may end up on here at a later date. Pop in at your leisure.

*tumblr name derived from a quote that could apply to all creativity:

“About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15 percent are total madness and the rest are bread-and-butter designs.” 

-Manolo Blahnik



Queuing for fashion

21:00 Reporter: Alison 7 Responses
800 words written on the subject for a competition run by Company magazine

I shuffled my feet and looked up at the sky as the first icy drops began to fall. I’d been standing in the same spot for three hours and knew the maze of creases in the girl in front’s olive parka like the back of my hand. According to my watch, there were still five minutes to go until the doors would open and the hoards of us stood shivering and snaking across the pavement would be offered solace amongst the sales racks.

As time had passed and numbers had grown, so had the palpable excitement. Conversations drifted delicately between swaddled bodies and bags were high on everyone’s list. “No trying on and always useful,” said one voice in a thick Liverpool accent. “Easy to grab in the scrum!” added another, before adrenaline and coffee-fuelled laughter rippled along the line. 

I smiled and cradled my own cardboard cup. Although I’m partial to a beautiful bag, today I was exclusively part of the ‘shoe crew’, my target being a pair of McQueen boots. I’d lusted from afar after spotting snaps of the perfectly crafted peep-toes on Twitter, but knew that at over £600, they were out of my reach. 

However, on this cold December morning, prices were about to drop and I’d decided to try my luck. I was confident; I had enough money and I had a game plan. I visualised my carefully devised route to the shoe department and imagined zigzagging rapidly towards the entrance. 



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