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Fashion Gets Personal

22:25 Posted by Alison
Customisation and the battle to successfully express individuality has always been at the heart of fashion styling. Made to measure, commissioned pieces have rarely been within the grasp of those of us who have had to make do with hovering around the outside of the fashion press, but recently, t-shirt manufacturers have been introducing a different kind of unique and affordable personalisation.

Other than the ingenious DNA, fingerprint and lipstick mark designs of Identity Apparel, which were launched at New York Fashion Week back in February, my favourite find is the imagined ‘Mein Block’ t-shirt, the brainchild of Berlin based designer David Bizer.

At first glance, the printed pattern seems abstract, but it is actually an enlarged and projected map based on the delivery address given when you order. Less in-your-face than IA’s fingerprint and lips offerings, there is also one final quirky detail: the alignment of the simplified map is set so that the exact location of the postcode you provided rests above your heart when you wear the shirt. Home (literally) is where the heart is with this one.

It seems that the design is simply a concept at the moment, but I’d love to see the idea brought to life. It’s wearable, would be a fantastic talking point and could easily be adapted for other garments (as well as being produced a range of colours). One slouchy, oversized North London map sweatshirt, please!

Image: copyright David Bizer. To see more of David's work, visit his website at
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